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Welcome to 80s-tennis.com!

To my mind, the 80s were the most exciting and attractive era in tennis history, with fascinating players and characters like e.g. Borg, McEnroe, Connors, Lendl, Becker, Navratilova, Evert and Graf competing for Grand Slam titles and being the world`s best player. But not only the athletes, also the tennis racquets and tennis fashion launched in the 80ies represent a glorious chapter in tennis history. The 80s saw the transition from wood to composite racquets, a lot of new materials was introduced to the market, such as graphite or boron. Year by year, racquet technology became more sophisticated, and numerous legendary vintage racquets were constructed and played, like e.g. Wilson Pro Staff St. Vincent version, Adidas GTX Pro or Dunlop Max 200G. Nowadays there are many racquet collectors worldwide striving to get their hands on those vintage racquets. But the time is now for laying the basis for a future vintage racquet collection in let's say 20-30 years, through buying the racquet types Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic or Andy Murray are playing. Tennis has bcome a really big show again meanwhile with those four guys struggling for world's #1, and the tennis industry is booming, including new fields of business such as online tennis betting.

And there are countless free internet TV streams daily covering almost every single mens or ladies tournament, a fact that of course helped the tennis betting industry grow that massively in recent years.

This website is very much about vintage racquets and fashion. My racquet gallery includes a lot of essential 80s vintage racquets. Have fun with clicking through this digital museum and possibly rediscovering lost treasures of your own tennis past. Not only 80s racquets are displayed here, but also some wood and metal racquets from the 70s. The 80s tennis fashion pages should be a pleasure to any ardent 80s casual, bringing back garments and tennis shoes that are no longer around nowadays or well stored in private wardrobes.

Very special thanks to German Tennis Magazin that exclusively allowed 80s-tennis.com to publish old photo material from the magazine.

I also offer a newsletter now at irregular intervals - if you subscribe, you get automatically informed about future updates on 80s-tennis.com.

So enjoy this journey back to the glorious 80s tennis era!

White regards,

Jens aka 80s-T


donnay la legende


Michel Guilluy's book about the famous Donnay brand. Orders can be placed at the website pro-tennis.be.


****** WANTED !!!!!! ******

80s-tennis.com is in search of a HUGE promotional ADIDAS GTX Pro Ivan Lendl racquet, the larger-than-life ones that used to be dislayed in the sporting goods stores' windows back then in the 1980s. I am willing to pay a high price for such a one!!! If you have one left on the wall of your tennis club or hall for example, wherever, and want to make some good $$, please don't hesitate to contact me, many thanks!!!

Below you see a huge promo Adidas Nastase Competition racquet as an example of what I mean...

Jens / 80s-tennis.com

80s-tennis.com sucht einen riesigen Adidas GTX Pro Ivan Lendl Promotion-Schläger, jenes überlebensgroße Modell, das als Blickfang in den Schaufenster der Sportläden in den 80er Jahren hing! Ich zahle einen hohen Preis dafür!!! Falls Ihr also solch einen Schläger habt, eventuell an der Wand im Clubhaus oder in einer Tennishalle, und für sehr gutes Geld verkaufen wollt, zögert nicht, Kontakt zu mir aufzunehmen, vielen Dank!!

Oben im Bild ein Adidas Nastase Competition-Riesenschläger als Beispiel....

Jens / 80s-tennis.com





Volker Kottkamp's collection of 80s tennis memorabilia, click here

Greetings from tennis reporter legend Volker Kottkamp*

"I have both experienced and enjoyed the 80s tennis era as a TV commentator. Many memories are still alive, many matches are still well remembered. But, as a matter of course, one cannot remember everything. The website 80s-tennis.com is very helpful then... Clicking on it always proves to be useful and informative. Great that there is so much commitment to this, particularly from a German point of view, remarkable tennis decade. I wish Jens Wehrmeister that he will be able to dig out many more treasures, and that his website will attract many visitors."

"Als TV-Kommentator habe ich die 80er-Jahre im Tennis erlebt und genossen. Viele Erinnerungen sind noch wach, viele Spiele noch in bester Erinnerung. Aber natürlich ist nicht mehr alles präsent. Da hilft dann die Website 80s-tennis.com... Ein Klick dahin ist immer nützlich und informativ. Schön, daß es soviel sichtbares Engagement für dieses ja speziell aus deutscher Sicht bemerkenswerte Tennisjahrzehnt gibt. Ich wünsche Jens Wehrmeister, daß es ihm gelingt, noch viele weitere Schätze zu finden und der Seite viele Nutzer."

*Volker Kottkamp was THE German tennis reporter voice in the eighties, commentating countless Boris Becker and Steffi Graf matches, amongst others. But he was not only professionally concerned with tennis, but almost any kind of sports. From 1971 until today he has been working as sports editor, commentator and reporter for the Südwestfunk (SWF, belongs to the ARD / First German Television Station), being involved in any big international sports event in a leading position. Also at the European Football Championship 2008 and Olympia 2008, he will serve as ARD team leader.


sale offer borg rackets




August 2013 / NEW AND EXCLUSIVELY on 80s-tennis.com:

Interview with the owner of famous Italian MAGGIA brand! Plus a nice Maggia clothes photo gallery... click here.


maggia logo


An interesting read: Interview with 80s-tennis.com!!!

















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